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Floor Access Doors
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About product

Floor access door with shock absorbers.

Allows you to easily and quickly get into the basement or systems hidden in the floor. You can install the hatch anywhere. After laying the floor, the place where the hatch is installed becomes invisible. The gas shock absorbers provide an easy opening.

Each house has a basement in which you can store your precious things. We created a hatch that allows you to easily and quickly get them at the right time.

You don’t need to persuade yourself for a long time to go down to the basement, you just turn the key a few times and the hatch covers open  itself and after a few seconds you are already there.

And most importantly, you can install this hatch anywhere, and it wouldnt  spoil the look of your room. The floor hatch will be invisible and effective.

Have you ever thought how many pipes, counters are hidden in your house?

And all these devices must be serviced! Therefore, to make easy access to these systems, our company has developed and manufactured a floor hatch. With them, your affairs will become simple and quick.

The hatch is made of high-strength steel and will last a very long time. You will forget the time when you avoided these openings, because after laying the floor you can even dance without fear of falling into the basement. And gas shock absorbers will make opening the hatch a pleasant fun, as you will be happy to watch them lift the lid themselves.

Are you planning to make the descent affordable and easy? We will help you with this. You can install a hatch with gas shock absorbers that will solve several problems at once.


* will make access to the basement simple and convenient

* you do not have to make much effort to open the hatch

* the beauty and integrity of your premises will be preserved

* the space become  warm and smell good

* the integrity of your design will not be violated

* you can choose the hatch for any size

* affordable price with excellent quality

Custom sizes

If you did not find your hatch among the standard sizes, then you can send us an inquiry with your hatch dimensions.

The production time for a custom-made hatch is from 7 to 21 business days.

After receiving the request, we will contact you to clarify the details of the order.

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