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Floor steel access door size 60 cm x 60 cm

Floor steel access door size 60 cm x 60 cm

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  • Model: LKN6060
  • Weight: 18.00kg
  • Dimensions: 60.00cm x 60.00cm x 9.50cm

Allowable load on the floor access door (hatch) up to 1000kg


  • FRAME MATERIAL - STEEL (powder painting)
  • OPTIONS FOR USE - Dry room

LUKONS Floor hatches are used to close the inspection opening in blocked spaces and the floor. 

The main feature of the floor hatch is that special hermetic seals are installed along the pyramid of the lid on four sides, preventing moisture and extraneous odors from entering through the hatch.

Manhole is equipped with gas trimmers, which facilitate the opening and closing of the manhole cover.

The frame and all metal parts of the hatch are coated with a special polymer paint, which protects metal from corrosion.thanks to this, the hatch has a longer life without loss of consumer quality.

A gypsum board plate is attached to the manhole covers, which is well fastened with adhesive for flooring.

Mounting width 60 cm
Mounting height 60 cm
Full width 67 cm
Full height 67 cm
Door size (w x h) 54cm x 58 cm
Depth 9,5cm
Quantity of shock absorbers 2
Weight 18 kg

1. General position

Floor hatches are designed for horizontal installation with a cover at the top.

Caution: Do not exploit the floor hatch prior to laying flooring.

2. Installation

Work sequence:

2.1 markup

2.2 Carefully place the filled hatch in the prepared opening

2.3 adjust the level. The top edge of the filled hatch should be flush with the floor level.

2.4 secure the frame with anchors in the opening

2.5 measure the distance from the edge of the tile cuts 2-4 mm (depending on your inter-tile seam)the required distance between the tiles to the line of applying glue to the frame. From the inner edge of the strip of the frame it will be within 5-8 mm (and outline is the line of the edge of the floor, look at the scheme of laying tiles on the hatch).

2.6 the edge of the tile from the hinge side trim the rod 60 degrees, see the scheme of laying tiles on the hatch.This is necessary to prevent cracking of the tile at the time of opening.

2.7 At the passage of the hole for the T shaped screw handle,drill a tile, make a hole in the tile -0.12 mm

2.8 we paste the tile on the door surface (gypsum board) protecting the hole in the manhole cover from the edge and lifting it up.

2.9 stick tiles on the floor surface around the hatch.


The hatch is opened using the T-shaped screw handle, screwing it in using the special hole in the hatch cover and lifting it.

Attention! It is recommended to make control openings of the hatch once every three months.


Before closing, check that there are no foreign objects on the hatch frame and that the seal is correctly inserted.

4.1 release the cover by holding it by the screw door and the T-shaped handle

4.2 unscrew the screw handle from the hole

5. Instructions for the installation of fittings

When installing, attention must be paid to threaded connections. They must be securely locked. No play is allowed. With the roof open, the stem of the valve must be at the bottom (Avoid lateral loads on shock absorbers, do not expose shock absorbers especially to the stem to shock, pollution, or aggressive environment.

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